Give to Give Foundation's Global Relief Initiative

Give to Give has been affected by #GoLov20! We are gifting financial relief during these challenging times related to the Global Pandemic. If your resources have been depleted or altered due to the current pandemic crisis, please fill out this application.

GTG Global Relief Application

Give to Give is excited to gift $100 in cash (or cash equivalent) to those that have suffered financial hardship. If your resources have been impacted, and you need assistance, please apply no later than May 31, 2020.

Please do not apply more than once, as we will only accept one application per person.

Completion and submission of the application does not guarantee you will receive a donation.

Questions? Please email


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Our mission is to build a community of like-minded people to support those who want to experience Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work, and support individuals and communities in their efforts to build lasting change. The Give to Give Foundation was initially created to provide scholarships for those in financial need due to health challenges, so they too can have the chance to experience Dr. Joe’s life changing work. The community support has created even more opportunities. Donations collected go toward scholarships to attend Dr. Joe’s workshops, gifting online classes, creating opportunities to bring mindfulness into underserved communities, and resources for those in need.