Due to the tentative nature of upcoming events, we are temporarily not accepting new applications. Please check back for updates. Thank you.

Apply for a Scholarship

Scholarships are intended to provide aid to individuals facing financial hardship due to physical or mental health conditions. Apply for a scholarship to our workshops. You can either apply and submit your application online, or download the form and send it to us in the mail.


We seek to provide aid to individuals faced with the following challenges.

Verification is needed in order to determine eligibility. Completion and submission of an application does not guarantee approval.


A verified and hindering medical condition


Financial hardship 


A compromised quality of life


A willingness to create change

Supporting documentation

Supporting documents are essential in order for your application to be eligible for a scholarship. It’s wise to prepare these before starting.
Examples include:

  • Pay stubs from all employment
  • A W-2 withholding statement
  • Last year’s income tax return
  • Letters approving or denying Medicaid, medical assistance etc.

  • Letters approving or denying unemployment compensation
  • Written statements from employers or welfare agents
  • Letter from Doctor, Psychologist, Counselor, etc.
  • Medical Records (lab reports, diagnosis reports, etc.)


If you wish to apply using our online form, we strongly advise you to use a desktop device so you may attach your supporting documents to the application. Alternatively you can download the application form below, and return it to us at one of the following addresses:

Application By Post

The Give to Give Foundation

c/o Rewire Me LLC
351 E 78th St
New York, NY 10075

Application by email


Important information

Please read & agree to begin

  • Applications must be submitted in English to be accepted
  • Please use US Dollars as the currency in your applications
  • One scholarship per person limit
  • Purchasing a ticket to the workshop you’re applying for will disqualify you from that scholarship
  • The Give to Give Foundation does not recruit volunteers for the events.

I understand and agree with the terms of this application

apply online or download application form

Downloaded applications

If you choose to download the manual application form, please send it to either of the following:

Application by email

Application by post

The Give to Give Foundation
c/o Rewire Me LLC
351 E 78th St
New York, NY 10075