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“Words can’t even describe the gratitude, happiness, love and compassion I feel. I’d give you all a hug everyday if I could. Give to Give was a big part of the new ME. Prior to this, I was so close to giving in and felt like the only thing I was fighting for was my wife and boys. I was in so much pain, stressed, depressed, riddled with anxiety and not in a very good place. I didn’t know what it was like to feel emotions again. I felt like my heart was black and I was being punished for all the bad/evil I had done. I was praying to just take on everyone else’s burdens since I was already suffering. I remember in the beginning of the interview, I can remember Rob saying I was going to feel better but I just sort of shrugged it off and was like yeah sure I’ve tried just about everything. But I had nothing to lose and here I AM! You guys are so awesome and you have done so much for me. I had an amazing advanced retreat in Cancun, and it hasn’t stopped. I still haven’t missed a meditation! I’ve created so much since I’ve been home and it’s amazing.”

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