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“That was one incredible week!… Once again, a big thank you and shout out to you and the Give to Give Foundation.

The meditations I learned will enable me to create the life

that I’ve always been wishing for!!! Looking back it seems as if everything moved out of the way in order to make my participation possible…

I feel so much happier with and loving towards my face. The attachment to sadness and shame I let go! I am so happy with these results, as no therapy/meditation has made me able to do that. And boy, did I visit loads of therapists, coaches and trainers in the past 25 years!!!! I see changes happening in my face and just can’t stop smiling now! I made a small donation to the foundation. I expect to be donating more in the future as my income will rise.
Will keep you updated on big changes that I expect in my life and know we will meet again!”

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