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“I made a small donation to the foundation. I expect to be donating more in the future as my income will rise. Will keep you updated on big changes that I expect in my life and know we will meet again!”

“Give to Give was a gift to me, it saved my life, and on so many levels there is a ripple effect because  now I get to go into the community of marginalized people and say,  ‘This is an option that you have.’

Dearest Rose,

Thank you from the depth of my heart for your generous gift of the scholarship.

The week in Mallorca has been the most life changing week for me but also one of the most challenging. Just walking a few steps at my home used to leave me very fatigued. I still don’t know how I managed to go on for over 2 days with only 5 hours sleep in total.
That in itself is a miracle. The energy at the event was incredible and I met the most wonderful people. My team leaders Antoine and Giselle were so supportive, loving, kind and wonderful. My heart is bursting with joy just thinking of them both.
And it goes without saying, Dr. Joe is simply enlightening.

It was so very lovely meeting with you, albeit I was a sobbing mess : )

On the last day of the event, I was blessed to have been chosen to have a coherence healing.
I’m now allowing my body to catch up with the ‘new me’.

Thank you again, Rose.

To Dear Magdalena and Rose

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You, for all your help with the scholarship allowing me to attend Dr Joe’s event it was Great and I learned a great deal and could never have made it without Give to Give’s support!

To the Give2Give Geniuses,

I would very much like to Thank You for offering me a Scholarship to do the Dr. Joe Dispenza workshop. It was AMAZING – my heart is full of gratitude to you for the opportunity to experience a great Master at his craft. I embrace the meditations every day twice a day, they are so powerful and life-changing. I have been ill for 20yrs and have a lot of healing to experience. This is the first true hope I’ve had in all that time, to become WHOLE and HEALTHY again, to live a life of travel and adventure. I am so full of JOY to have this great gift in my life THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU !!!

I write this to give a HUGE thank you to Dr. Joe. You are so incredible and you changed my life. The miracles that I’ve experienced are because of me doing the work. Thank you so much to the Give to Give Foundation. I am so grateful!! I had the pleasure of meeting Corinne at the event. Thank you for your time spent going through applications and all the administrative work that happens behind the scenes. Thank you to Jace! What an amazing team leader. I just felt so much love coming from you. Thank you, to everyone. I am so thrilled with my progress!! Thank you for reading my story. It’s not over, but I still wanted to share the miracle that has so far occurred for me as a result of doing this work.

My heart is so full and grateful to you for your support! The Advanced Retreat in Cancun was transformational and healing. As I write this, I am awaiting the results of my 1st CT scan following the event. I know that the results are going to reflect the miraculous experiences from the retreat. The “healing cage” was an experience I will never forget and the loving energy that surrounded the entire venue returned with me to my home. I send my love and energy to you and appreciate all you do to help others become enlightened. I will become a donator to Give2Give as soon as I am able so as to spread the love.

Thank you so much! I could not have received this email at a better time as i just got home from the second MRI i had this week. I was not expecting this email. I have much work to do. I feel even more motivated. My mother and I are so very grateful for give2give for helping me with this amazing opportunity.

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