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We began with a few volunteers committed to sharing the science of personal transformation to everyone, regardless of their circumstance.

Now our programs touch the lives of thousands each year. It’s all possible through a growing community of people who believe that when we open our minds to what is possible, we can improve the lives of others and the communities around them.

Our Mission

Every person is born with unlimited potential, but as we grow our experiences create limiting beliefs and behaviors that we repeat day after day.

With training, we can harness cutting-edge science around the mind and body connection to move from a survival mindset to one where we are creating our best future.

At Give to Give Foundation we call this practical neuroscience. Our mission is to bring it to the people and places it can do the most good.

We’ve proven that this practical approach has a positive impact on health, behavior and intentions even in the toughest conditions. We’ve helped thousands of people improve their own lives and touched the communities around them, and we’re committed to spreading this work to all who can benefit.

Our Team

Peter Baldini, Executive Director

Rose Caiola, Chairwoman of the Board

Steve Hamill, Chief Marketing Officer, Fractional

Joanna Thomas, Chief Financial Officer

Maria Paula Gonzalez, Prisons to Monasteries Project Development Director

Maria Hincapie, Director, Learning and Development

Veronica Ontiveros, Head of Giving and Operations

Sophia Smith, Senior Brand Manager

Pamela Mueri, Grant Coordinator

Samantha Rauch, Executive Assistant

Chris Nudi, Lead, Information Technology

Dear Give to Give Community,

2023 was a year of continued growth for us and 2024 promises more exciting changes. Our success has opened many doors. Our initiatives continue to expand and every day we hear more stories of impact. When we help people with personal transformation, we are changing lives that can improve families and whole communities.

Our community knows firsthand that change starts within – and it is your steady support that empowers us to create change in communities all around the world. Feel free to drop me a line if you have more ideas about how you can support our incredible work. I’d love to hear from you!


Peter Baldini
Executive Director, Give to Give Foundation

Our Values


We recognize the power of living inside of a feeling of tremendous gratitude. We adhere to the belief that gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership.


We believe that when we act with purpose, a deep expanded sense of purpose within us, we can accomplish our wildest and most cherished dreams.


We believe in wellness and the unlimited potential in every individual.


We are built on a foundation of respect, empathy and heart-centered communication.

Our History

Scholars Program

For people facing mental, physical and financial barriers.

We were founded in 2015, inspired initially by the work of New York Times best-selling author, researcher, and lecturer Dr Joe Dispenza. Give to Give was founded by attendees of Dr. Joe’s workshops and retreats who wanted to provide scholarships for those in financial need so others could experience the life changing work.

This work stands at the intersection of the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics and is accompanied by partnerships with scientists and universities to perform extensive research on the effects that meditation has on the brain and body. To learn more about Dr. Joe Dispenza, his work, events, research, online education, meditations, initiatives and overall inspiration, please visit his site.

Our Partners

In the past three years, Give to Give has grown to bring the work directly into communities where it can do the greatest good. By partnering directly with community leaders such as veterans groups, prison advocates and indigenous community groups, we have worked with our mission partners Nuerochange Solutions and HeartMath Institute to provide training directly in communities.

Community Partners

We are truly grateful for our partnerships with leaders and groups in the communities we serve. Please find our community partners listed on each of our inititiative pages.

Mission Partners

Our mission partners are vital to our ability to bringing practical neuroscience into the communities where it can do the most good.

Corporate Partners

Give to Give foundation has started a corporate partnership program, aligning with businesses with shared values to support Give to Give’s lifechanging work. If your business is interested in becoming a corporate sponsor please write us at