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If you were granted a scholarship under the Give 2 Give Program and have experienced a manifestation or healing, we would love to hear from you! Please submit your testimonial (written or video) to


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Dear Rose,

That was one incredible week! Once again a big thank you and shout out to you and the Give to Give Foundation.
The meditations I learned will enable me to create the life that I’ve always been wishing for!!! Looking back it seems as if everything moved out of the way in order to make my participation possible. It has been a wonderful process to witness. It also provides me with the trust that more of this sort of synchronicity will happen in the future!

My aunt told me she met you at the airport. I hope you landed well at home. It was a great pleasure meeting you. You have the gift to make people feel safe and welcome. I greatly appreciated that.

I admire Joe greatly. The way he speaks from the heart and never falters when he delivers his message, which greatly resonated with me.
The ropes course, all the meditations, the atmosphere, the other participants and all the love that was so tangible. The resort, the energy, our great team leader Anouk… I could go on and on!
And…. I feel so much happier with and loving towards my face. The attachment to sadness and shame I let go! I am so happy with these results, as no therapy/meditation has made me able to do that. And boy, did I visit loads of therapists, coaches and trainers in the past 25 years!!!! I see changes happening in my face and just can’t stop smiling now!

I made a small donation to the give2give foundation. I expect to be donating more in the future as my income will rise.
Will keep you updated on big changes that I expect in my life and know we will meet again!

P. Gerrits

Scholarship recipient

Dear Rose, there are no words that can express the immense gratitude I feel in my heart and soul at this moment, thank you, thank you, thank you and the board of directors for this immense and wonderful act of kindness! I feel bad for my mom because her grass and her house chores will not be done for a while (lol), every time I come to her house I am going to be glued watching the videos and reading the materials that you have kindly given me.

May you all be blessed with peace, love, and abundance

S. Collins

Scholarship recipient

I write this to give a HUGE thank you to Dr. Joe. You are so incredible and you changed my life. The miracles that I’ve experienced are because of me doing the work. Thank you so much to the Give to Give Foundation. I am so grateful!! I had the pleasure of meeting Corinne at the event. Thank you for your time spent going through applications and all the administrative work that happens behind the scenes. Thank you to Jace! What an amazing team leader. I just felt so much love coming from you. Thank you, to everyone. I am so thrilled with my progress!! Thank you for reading my story. It’s not over, but I still wanted to share the miracle that has so far occurred for me as a result of doing this work.

C. Carothers

Scholarship recipient

My heart is so full and grateful to you for your support! The Advanced Retreat in Cancun was transformational and healing. As I write this, I am awaiting the results of my 1st CT scan following the event. I know that the results are going to reflect the miraculous experiences from the retreat. The “healing cage” was an experience I will never forget and the loving energy that surrounded the entire venue returned with me to my home. I send my love and energy to you and appreciate all you do to help others become enlightened. I will become a donator to Give2Give as soon as I am able so as to spread the love.

E. Hurley

Scholarship recipient

I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to go to Joe’s workshop. I would have sent this email sooner, but I was spending most of my waking hours in serious meditation and concentrating on overcoming some major stuff. Since the workshop, I stopped having seizures. Also, doctors told me I couldn’t get off xanax or valium because id have a seizure and die, but if I absolutely had to get off of them id have to taper off them slowly over the span of a year and then the withdrawals would cause debilitating symptoms during that time and for a year after. Well, guess what? I quit taking them 2 weeks ago, and my body and mind were raging at first but I stuck firmly to my intention and I feel better than ever now –so much so that I’m about to go for a run! It’s been 5 years since I have been able to do that! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! ????

S. White

Scholarship recipient

Thank you so much! I could not have received this email at a better time as i just got home from the second MRI i had this week. I was not expecting this email. I have much work to do. I feel even more motivated. My mother and I are so very grateful for give2give for helping me with this amazing opportunity.

J. Sylla

Scholarship recipient