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We promote life-changing transformations using practical neuroscience and partner to create change across communities.

Project Valkyrie Group Photo

Lakota Community Project

With Give to Give support, Oglala Lakota changemakers have trained more than 100 leaders and community members in the science of personal transformation.

Centuries of oppression and disinvestment have made Pine Ridge Indian Reservation one of the poorest and deadliest communities in the nation. But that isn’t stopping positive change.

Prisons to Monasteries Project

“Our cell has turned from a hell to a place of refuge.” The lives of thousands of incarcerated people have been improved by our innovative programming in prisons.

Our work with incarcerated people in Mexico and in the U.S. is showing that positive change is possible even in the most difficult circumstances.

Scholars Program

In 2023 alone more than 200 people received a grant to attend a weeklong intensive seminar on practical neuroscience.

Our Scholars Program supports people who are facing mental, physical or financial burdens to health and wellbeing. Most frequently we sponsor attendance to a weeklong retreat with Dr Joe Dispenza, and the transformations we have seen are remarkable.

Veteran Grant Recipient to Dr Joe Dispenza Volunteer

Veterans Resilience Project

Our vet-led work responds to the unique challenges of veterans.

We support veterans who have returned to civilian life and are looking for evidence-based tools to tackle obstacles ranging from social anxiety to PTSD and beyond.