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Work in prisons in Mexico and the U.S. is proving that personal transformation is possible even under the most difficult situations.

Nurturing Incarcerated People

We’re building community and helping incarcerated people reclaim their sense of worth and purpose across several prisons in the US and Mexico.

Our vision is to provide scholarships and hands-on support to empower individuals to help themselves and as a result help others on their healing and wellness journeys.

We provide caring, in-facility training in meditation and practical neuroscience for incarcerated women and men.

  • First launched in 2021 in one prison
  • Now operating in three facilities in Mexico and one in the U.S.–San Quentin
  • In Neza Bordo, Mexico, one entire facility population has been trained and includes 18 men’s groups, 8 women’s groups, and 3 guards’ groups (1220 people) successfully completed the program.
  • Today, 2000 incarcerated people meditate together daily at Neza Bordo prison.

In 2019, Give to Give’s work with incarcerated people was just a vision. Since that time our work has grown to touch hundreds of lives across multiple prisons on the U.S. and Mexico, including a remarkable transformation of an entire facility–Neza Bordo in Mexico–where both incarcerated people and administration have taken part. We’re transforming both individual lives and helping to build and strengthen a sense of community within facility walls, including between incarcerated people and administration.

Nurturing incarcerated people

Prisons to Monasteries

We’re proud of our partnerships with advocates for incarcerated people. These relationships help us ensure our work is truly grounded in the community inside and outside of the prison walls.