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Partnerships with local leaders have enabled us to support hundreds of people in the Lakota Community and Hopi Tribe with training in practical neuroscience.


We’re partnering with Indigenous community leaders to build knowledge and skills that increase resilience and focus.

Our vision is to provide scholarships and hands-on support to empower individuals to help themselves and as a result help others on their healing and wellness journeys.

Our vision is to provide grants, training and hands-on support to empower individuals to help themselves and as a result help others.

  • More than 125 Lakota community members supported with grants to attend events or trained in community
  • Led by community members and leaders
  • Culturally fit programming
  • Partnerships with indigenous-led advocacy and service organizations

If you are interested in being connected with the community leaders of our Indigenous Americans Project please visit our contact page.

Indigenous American communities face significant challenges, the result of centuries of prejudice and disinvestment. Practical neuroscience can help people face these challenges head on, reinforcing a strong and powerful history with culturally coherent teachings.  Weekly meetings and meditations form further community and can help the life-changing lessons to persist.

Lakota Nation NeuroChangeSolutions Training

Partnering with Local Leaders and Groups

Oglala Lakota are a proud people with a rich history. We partner with Lakota leaders and Lakota-led groups  to ensure our work fits culturally and properly addresses the needs of a people that have faced centuries of oppression. We encourage you to also support our partners who are also working to change systemic barriers from poverty to education to discriminatory policies.

Oglala Lakota Partners