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Veteran participants report that our science-based approach helps them address challenges and recapture their purpose.

Supporting Veterans

From addressing PTSD to social anxiety, we help veterans overcome emotional and mental health challenges of integrating back in to civilian life.

Our vision is to provide scholarships and hands-on support to empower individuals to help themselves and as a result help others on their healing and wellness journeys.

We provide grants, training and hands-on support to empower individuals to help themselves, and as a result help others around them.

  • 125 Veterans supported to attend an event or trained in their communities
  • Veterans receive support in a cohort with other veterans and peers
  • Science-based methodology
  • We are partnered with vets groups like the Seal Future Foundation
  • Veteran-led program

Veterans who are interested in applying for a grant to attend one of our vet-focused programs should visit our contact page. Please note in your email that you are a veteran.

Addressing the unique circumstances and stressors that veterans face requires an “inside view” of the problem, and our program is built on the experiences of veteran-led partner organizations and veteran volunteers and staff. Give to Give has nominated veteran Dr. Fernando Lamounier to our Board of Directors, and veteran alumni of our program help guide its evolution.

Veterans find it important that the material is grounded in science, and we often are able to include both veterans and their partners in the training.

Veterans Support with Operation Resilience

Operation Resilience Partners

The SEAL Future Foundation is committed to providing Navy SEALs a foundation that supports their well-being, education and career to continue a life of service within their communities.

Seal Future Foundation