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Exclusively for Veterans!

Rewire Your Soul with Project Valkyrie:
Epigenetics and Neuroscience Converge in an Elite Heart-Mind Integration Experience in Idaho’s Wilderness.

Project Valkyrie by Give to Give Foundation comradery

Imagine rewiring your brain to:

  • Increase neuroplasticity.
  • Regain productivity, focus and drive.
  • Integrate & rebuild a new mind!
  • Return to the real you.

About Give to Give Foundation

Give to Give Foundation’s Veterans Resilience Project promotes the positive benefits of practical neuroscience. Our veteran-led project work applies these benefits specifically to the unique needs of veterans. Learn more here.

About Project Valkyrie Program

We will arrive in Idaho on May 15 and depart May 19.
All expenses including travel are covered by Give to Give Foundation.
A deposit of $200 will be refunded after the retreat.

You will experience:

  • Dr Joe Dispenza’s program “Change Your Mind…Create New Results” delivered by his master trainers
  • Physical training, assessment, and rehab by the San Francisco 49ers Director of Reconditioning
  • Horseback excursion in the mountains
  • Breathwork, heat and cold therapy
  • Shooting at Hat Creek Training
  • Private lodge and culinary experience

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