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We’re in Australia this week! Click here to support us by donating to our raffle of a Dr Joe Weeklong Event


The Foundation’s Mission

Our Mission: 

Our mission is to provide support and scholarships to empower individuals to help themselves and then help others on their healing and wellness journeys. We are committed to personal change and transformation, one person at a time, across the globe.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every person has access to unlock their unlimited potential to create and thrive, supported by a community that cares. We aim to raise the consciousness of our global community to realize we can help one another in a loving way.


Everyone deserves a chance to heal. Help us help others by donating to Give to Give.

Assistance & Scholarships

We provide aid and workshop scholarships to individuals facing financial hardship, often due to health challenges.

Get In Touch

Contact us for questions or concerns about any of our programs or offerings.

My heart is so full and grateful to you for your support! …As I write this, I am awaiting the results of my 1st CT scan following the event. I know that the results are going to reflect the miraculous experiences from the retreat. The “healing cage” was an experience I will never forget and the loving energy that surrounded the entire venue returned with me to my home. I send my love and energy to you and appreciate all you do to help others become enlightened. I will become a donator to Give to Give as soon as I am able so as to spread the love.

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