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Give to Give Foundation brings positive change to communities by providing the tools and resources for people to undertake life-changing transformations. Our goal is to spark change in individuals who impact the people and world around them towards further positive change – we do this through a variety of initiatives.

Prisons to Monasteries Project

Give to Give’s work in prisons is proving that the tools of personal transformation and wellbeing can bring positive changes and build community in even the most challenging environments. An idea championed by  Give to Give chairwoman Rose Caiola, we worked for three years to bring Dr Joe Dispenza’s work into the prison system. In 2021 this program began in Mexico City’s Ecatepec Penitentiary with 30 women. Since its inception the Prisons To Monasteries program has grown to serve three prisons in Mexico: Chalco, Ecatepec, and Neza, where trained NCS consultants have led over 900 women through the Change Your Mind, Create New Results program. 

The consultants who taught these women witnessed dramatic change. Women who had started the program using drugs, experiencing conflict in their living quarters, and who had lost hope for their futures share that they feel renewed. Self reported drug use is down over 50%, the prisoners are reconnecting with family, creating community, and have belief that their lives can change. The feedback from both the prisoners and prison staff has been overwhelming. Even the administration and prison guards have expressed to us the difference they see as a result of the work. In Neza Brodo prison the first three groups of male prisoners are currently going through the Change Your Mind, Create New Results program. 

We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be expanding this program to serve the US prison system in 2023. We’re beginning in Northern California’s San Quentin Prison and Donovan Prison this summer.

“This experience has changed me. Even though these women are in the same environment, they choose to use the tools that we provide through this program to move out of a state of survival and live in the present. Now I have no doubt that the power we have as humans to create sustainable change is amazing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a group of entrepreneurs or a group of prisoners. Once an individual makes the decision to change, to become the best version of themselves, anything can happen.” Fadua Musalem (NCS Consultant)

Love, Life and the Lakota Community

Give to Give Foundation  is supporting community leaders in the Oglala Lakota nation – an indigenous community in the northern United States – in implementing Dr Joe Dispenza’s Change Your Mind… Create New Results workshop and has reached more than 100 community leaders. 

The work is centered in the community of Pine Ridge, which  has experienced over a hundred and seventy years of collective trauma, systemic oppression and racism, with devastating  results  for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation: More than 93% live below the poverty line and unemployment stands at 83%; Alcohol and drug abuse touch 8 out of 10 households and the teenage suicide rate is 150% higher than U.S. national average.

Give to Give has partnered with Neurochange Solutions to deliver programming. NCS consultant Faith Holmes, with longstanding ties to the community, is mentoring leaders within the community to maintain and grow a group of practitioners which has met weekly for advancement and for peer support. 

“I don’t know what’s coming but I know something’s coming and it’s big and I am ready. We know it’s going to take a movement. That’s what’s so exciting about this. This is going to change lives and it already has.Alice Peck (Lakota Community Member) 

Operation Resilience

Like much of our work, Operation Resilience – which works with veterans experiencing emotional, mental and physical health challenges – began with the advocacy of people in the community to start a program focused on the specific needs and challenges experienced by this group of people. Once just a seed, this project has now taken root.  Give To Give is working closely with the Sacred Heart Healing Center, The SEAL Future Foundation, and Veterans Exploring Treatment Solutions to work with different cohorts of veterans. One learning guided by veterans and their advocates, is that it is important to work not only with veterans themselves, but to build support with their spouses and peers.  

Through scholarships to Dr Joe events and support when veterans return home, we have seen some amazing transformations – we heard from the vets that the people walking into the events at the beginning of the week were not the same that were leaving. They were filled with gratitude and their hearts were open. Some of the veterans we’ve sponsored have become volunteers –– giving back to their community and helping others down the path of transformation. In 2023, Give To Give is continuing our work with this amazing community by bringing 25 veterans and their families to Dr Joe’s Nashville event. We’re so excited for the way that this work is evolving and continue to support the military community with tools for transformation. 

Individual Scholarships

Give to Give started with a scholarship program and we’ve helped thousands attend Dr. Joe retreats including more than 200 in the last year alone. By empowering individuals experiencing mental, physical and financial barriers with resources for self transformation they can change their lives and in turn their communities. With your support we plan to make 2023 our biggest year yet, and through helping people change from the inside out, change the world around them.

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